Email Design Testing

It is crucial to have clarity on each aspect of your email campaign. We provide you with the Real-time – Real Device experience so that you could easily improve the email quality and hence, improve the conversation rates. You will get 100% real screenshots of your email on all popular email applications and devices.

Get 100% Real Email Design Test Screenshots.

With the help of real devices and popular email software, you get the exact experience of what your customers are going to see. It takes the fraction of a minute to receive your email and run it through all the devices, providing you with accurate visuality of your email content on all the major Email-clients, in just one click.

Four Ways to Test your Email Designs.


The simplest way is to test via copy-pasting your email content directly to your account.

API Integration

Connect our API with your application and submit tests directly via API calls.

Direct HTML-upload

Upload your already saved HTML code from your PC.

Send as Email

Test by either forwarding or sending emails directly to a special generated email address.

Supported Email Application Inventory

We provide you with 100% Real device - Real Application experience, simulators are not welcome in our infrastructure. You get the exact visual of your content as viewed by your customers at their end.

Desktop Email Apps

Apple Mail v9 (El Capitan)

Mozilla Thunderbird (current)

MS Outlook 2007

MS Outlook 2010

MS Outlook 2013

MS Outlook 2016

Plain Text (MS Outlook 2016)


Web Based Email Apps

AOL Webmail (Basic)

AOL Webmail (Chrome)

AOL Webmail (Firefox)

AOL Webmail (IE11)

Gmail (basic HTML)

Gmail (Chrome)

Gmail (Firefox)

Gmail (IE11)

GMX (Chrome)

GMX (Firefox)

GMX (IE11)


Laposte (Chrome) (Firefox) (IE 11)

Yahoo! Mail (Basic)

Yahoo! Mail (Chrome)

Yahoo! Mail (Firefox)

Yahoo! Mail (IE 11)

Yandex Webmail

Mobile Email Apps

Android 4.4 (Gmail app) - coming soon

Android 5.1 (Gmail app)

Android 8 (Gmail app)

iPhone 5 (Mail App)

iPhone 6 (Mail App)

iPhone 7 (Mail App)

iPhone 7+ (Mail App)

iPhone 8 (Mail App)

iPhone X (Mail App)

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About Us

We are EmailPreviewServices. We are the service with the ability to show email designs previews before they actually land to the recipient's inbox, test emails for spam and monitor Inbox. Please note, we do ONLY real devices and email software previews, without any simulators or emulators. We have something for everyone, so whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or a multi-national company, we provide you with all the tools and features for building a strong email content and making sure your emails works and convert traffic for you. Our main goal is to provide our customers with an actionable platform, with which they could easily resolve their general content-viewing and email deliverability issues.


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