Email Analytics

With our real-time advanced analytical skills, we help you disclose Who? Where? When? How? and How long? interact with your email campaign. You get to see the insignificant details starting from the open-durations in seconds, email clients being used, whether the email is printed or forwarded to a friend, and ending with the correct geo-location all is covered in several clicks.

The ultimate analytics tool designed for email marketing

For instance, based on the geo-location detections, you can run much-targeted email campaigns to recipients who have opened your email in New York state.

Or, based on an email client data, you will be able to send your next email campaign optimized for iPhone users.

Another great example is check on recipients engagement based on the open duration. You can target auditory of those who have kept your email open for more than 5 seconds.

Wherever possible you need to track your Emails through real time, allowing you to know at a glance as soon as someone engages with your content. This kind of information is vital and allows you to study recipients and modify your marketing campaigns accordingly. Just like GoogleAnalytics, this kind of information has become essential for staying ahead of the game.

Live feed

Once your email campaign is sent with the embeded tracking code provided by our service,you can enjoy the real-time data displaying on the control panel of your account. You will see email open locations on a world map, popular email clients being used, which email address has opened and for how long, and ALL this data is provided in real-time

Data provided:

- Geo-locations

- Email open durations

- Unique and total open totals

- Email forwards

- Email prints

- Email clients

- Detailed email address activity log

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We are EmailPreviewServices. We are the service with the ability to show email designs previews before they actually land to the recipient's inbox, test emails for spam and monitor Inbox. Please note, we do ONLY real devices and email software previews, without any simulators or emulators. We have something for everyone, so whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or a multi-national company, we provide you with all the tools and features for building a strong email content and making sure your emails works and convert traffic for you. Our main goal is to provide our customers with an actionable platform, with which they could easily resolve their general content-viewing and email deliverability issues.


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